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 Mushroom soup:

This is vegetarian, can trivially be vegan, and it can be easy to make if you have problems chopping stuff.


1 leek
garlic (I usually use about 1/3 of a tube of garlic puree)
a lot of mushrooms. I'd usually use 1-1.5kg of mushrooms, a mix of ordinary, shiitake, chestnut, forestiere - basically strongly-flavoured mushrooms. Sometimes I rehydrate a pack of dried mixed expensive mushrooms as well, if I remember.
some oil (I usually use olive, but I suspect you can't notice)
stock (I use Marigold Swiss vegetable bouillon, which is gluten-free.)
a bottle of cheap red wine (optional)
cream or creme fraiche (optional)
seasoning: I usually use pepper, paprika, and mixed herbs (or fresh basil, if I have any)

If you're using dried mushrooms, rehydrate them now. When you drain them, save the water.
Chop your leek. 
Massacre your mushrooms. I usually chop some (for texture), and food process the others. However, if chopping is a problem, food process the lot. If you want varying sized chunks, perhaps use button mushrooms, which you can just wash and put in whole.
Fry the leek, mushrooms, and garlic in the oil in a 2-3 litre saucepan/pot/thing. I usually start frying after I've attacked the first batch of mushrooms, so that they start rendering down, and make it less heavy to stir. I don't usually stir much - just enough to stop it sticking.
Put the kettle on, with around 1litre of water in it.
Once the last lot of mushrooms have been stirred in, I usually pour in a bottle of red wine (if you're not using red wine, then add 750ml more water). Then I season generously with pepper, paprika and herbs. I don't usually make the bouillon up properly - I just put in enough bouillon for around 1litre of water, and then empty the kettle on top, and stir it all up - this usually isn't hard work as there's so much liquid.
Cover, and leave to simmer for at least 30 minutes.

At this point, you can either serve it, freeze it, or stir in some cream/creme fraiche and then serve it. It will serve 6-8 depending on whether it's a full meal or not, and on appetite. You can add cheese if you want more protein.


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